Artist’s Statement

As an artist, I work hard to develop artworks that speak both to me and to others about the beauty that exists in the structures of urban environments. Part of my process before I begin the work is taking photographs of small details of buildings, marks on the concrete, or shapes within the architectural skyline. I do not merely capture the image; rather, exaggerate the small details hidden within the larger structure and with careful, textural elements and the juxtaposition of common materials that are often discarded or unseen, I incorporate them into their own serene landscape. I want to give the inconspicuous elements of our environments viability and substance. I breathe life into the small overlooked elements of human existence. The challenge, as with inspiration derived from any framework, is to not reproduce the image but to capture it and give new meaning to the unique details. My artwork speaks not only for me, but creates an interesting conversation among the viewers about the obvious but overlooked details of our life.



Bachelor of Science, Art Education, New York University, NY 1996
Advanced Encaustic Techniques, Majestic Ranch, Boerne, TX 2009
The Art of Encaustic Monotypes and Encaustic Painting, Santa Fe, NM 2003
Painting and Watercolor classes with Lisa Yuskavage, New York, NY 1994-95
Intermediate Printing/Montoypes/Chine Colle, Oakland, CA 2015


Solo Shows:
Tomorrow is a Long Time, Avenue Gallery, San Francisco, May, 2016
Unbridled, Bay6 Gallery, Austin, Texas, October, 2011
Dancing in Silence, Dell Jewish Center, J Gallery, Austin, TX March, 2012
Context, the Buttridge Gallery, Austin, Texas, 2012
Two Person Shows:
Pop Up Show, Curated State, San Francisco, CA, May, 2015
From Wood to Wax, the J Gallery at the Dell Jewish Center, Austin,TX 2010
Wax Work, the Darke Gallery, Houston, TX 2009
Big Head, Bay6 Gallery, Austin, TX 2008
Group Shows:
Beneath the Surface, San Jose Art Works, June, 2016
Pattern Language, DZINE, San Francisco, CA, September 18, 2015
Fragments, Benicia Art Center, Benicia, CA, August, 2015 (juried show)
Collaboration, Marin Museum of contemporary Art, July, 2015
(Received 2nd place in a juried show)
Metamorphosis, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, January, 2015
(Received Honorable Mention Award)
Elementi, Oliver Hawke Gallery, San Francisco, CA November, 2014
Mixed Media Mash Up, Linus Gallery, Pasadena, CA, November, 2014
Recycle Art, Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, Texas 2011
12 x 12, Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, TX 2011
Five x Seven, Arthouse at the Jones Center, Austin, TX 2011 Sixth Invitational Encaustic Exhibition,
Conrad Wilde Gallery, Tucson, AZ, 2011
Bruno Capolongo Invitational, the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, Ontario, Canada, 2011
Recycle Art, Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, TX 2010
10, the Gallery at Sunset Center, Amarillo, TX 2010
Wall Texture, the Gallery at Fine Austin Living, Austin, TX 2010
6x6x2010, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY 2010
The Green Show, Darke Gallery, Houston, Texas 2009
Cross Pollination, (juried show) Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL 2009
Squeaky Wheel Project G gallery, Houston, TX. 2009
Four Corners, East Gallery, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, 2009
History & Hot Wax, the Gallery at MUSEO, Austin, TX 2009
Encaustic Works ’09, (juried show) The Castle Gallery, New Rochelle, NY 2009
Rewind, Bay6 Gallery, Austin, Texas 2009
Working in Wax, (juried show) Bedford Art Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA 2009
Degrees M2 Gallery, Houston, TX 2009
BIG, RED, SHINY, the Ark Art Gallery, San Jose, CA 2009
Opening Night, Chartreuse Gallery, Austin, TX 2009
A Grand Affair, Wally Workman Gallery, Austin, TX., 2009
Tangible Wax, the Christopher Art Gallery, Chicago, IL 2009
Fused Expressions, Bay6 Gallery, Austin, TX 2008.
Texas Kaos, Bay6 Gallery, Austin, TX 2008
Austin Cool Home Exhibition, Austin, TX 2008
Tricycle, Bay6 Gallery, Austin, TX 2008
Loft 120, Blue Star Art Complex, San Antonio, TX 2007
Self Portrait Show, Austin Figurative Gallery, Austin, TX 2007
Conduits Citadel Gallery, San Jose, CA 2004.
Love and Chaos, Alameda Art Works, San Jose, CA 2004
Group Show, Warehouse Gallery, San Jose, CA 2004
No Exit, the Alameda Art Works, San Jose, CA 2003

Selected Commissions and Collections
Ernst and Young, Dallas, Texas
University of Texas, Austin, TX
IBM, Austin, TX
Art+Artisans, Houston/Austin, TX
Blanton Design, Austin, TX
NFR Energy Corp., Houston, Texas
T. D. Walker Corp., Dallas, Texas
Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas
Work in over 200 Collections throughout the United States

Publications and Press
Flax Art, Interview: Featured Artist on Corporate Blog, 2014
Authentic Visual Voices by Catherine Nash, 2012
Austin Art Blogs, 2011
Interview: Morning in Austin Broadcast, “Nutritional Art” with Susan Liebrock, 2010
Jewell Magazine, featured artist for May, 2010
The Jewish Outlook, January, 2010
ARTWORKinternational, Inc. May, 2009
The Art Examiner, Chicago, IL, April, 2009

Residencies and Fellowships
Virginia Center for Creative Arts, Amherst, VA, April, 2011
Virginia Center for Creative Arts, Amherst, VA, September, 2015
Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts, January, 2016


Sharon Kyle Kuhn is a mixed media artist exploring the texture and materials of the urban landscape around us.  We live in an environment of concrete, steel, wood and asphalt and yet the remnants of our environment fill the dumpsters and often find their way into the landfill.  Rather than overlook the forgotten remains of our world, Sharon transforms these scraps and highlights their beauty and unveils the hidden marks left by people who have created the structures of our life into highly textured artworks. The beauty of what is left behind will always surprise the viewer and will stimulate the desire to imagine, to create and to appreciate the evidence of our lives.  

Her art work is in many private residences throughout the U.S. and is in several public collections including Ernst and Young in Dallas, NFR Energy in Houston, University of Texas at Austin, The Medical Center in San Antonio and several others. She studied at New York University in New York where she graduated with a degree in Art Education. She is a full time artist and resides in the San Francisco Bay area.