Talking Trash

Ever wonder where it all goes?  When will we run out of space to store all the colorful boxes, the scraps of wood, the plastic, the cans, the excess packaging and all the things we don’t want any longer.

Some of these things find their way into my art.  The colors, the texture, colorful designs and the feel of packaging intrigues me.  Not because I want to save it or reuse it as much as I enjoy looking at it.  I imagine the many people such as designers, art directors and media giants bent over their desk, immersed in conversation about the right color, the composition and how to produce the design that will draw the most people…appeal to the many people and well just deciding on how to choose the most appealing one not to mention the hours spent identifying their targeted audience …and then the production of that special box or bag which is home to the many items we purchase.  Of course, this beautiful cardboard box, sparkly paper or brightly colored ribbon later makes it way to the trash can…does this mean we don’t appreciate all their effort…the many hours of manipulation spent, the flash point in our brain when we so proudly walk out of the store holding the beautifully wrapped item we just bought and then all the care we put into it keeping it nice until we get home.  What would happen if we had to forfeit the bag, the box, the tissue paper….would we buy less?

Make your way into one of those huge stores where you show a membership card just to enter…you stand in line for hours only to pack your own purchase…then  find a box stacked in a large bin which may have shipped boxes of tide detergent…just to carry your berries, lettuce and coffee to your car….even those boxes are beautiful but wow…what a difference.  But you’ll see people doing just this from opening till closing time.   Boxes, bags, wrapping and packaging—a tremendous industry which does pass the costs to the consumers….we just pay the retailer for the privilege of holding onto their colorful bag  for an hour or so before we fold and tuck neatly….and then wheel them out to the recycling bin.

I enjoy thinking about these things while I am cutting, pasting, assembling and using bits and pieces of this “trash” in my art.  It’s beautiful…takes on a whole new meaning and perhaps will be around in 100 years or so.  What do you do with your trash?

Moments to think

Driving time or starring into space or even quietly isolating in a crowd are moments alone.  They provide time and space to think.   People often say artists “are different” or see things in a way that other people don’t see…could it be those same people never allow their minds to roam aimlessly or fully process the stimulation around them…or is it true we really do think differently.  Driving 8.5 hours yesterday left me feeling relaxed, inspired and rejuvenated.  The moon in the panhandle of Texas followed me into Amarillo…a place I had never been until this past month.  It’s quiet here, full of open space and peaceful…or is it just those quiet moments to think that make it seem so special.  Either way…time alone in one’s own head  is what refuels and nurtures the spirit. 

At the Ashton, 101 Colorado Street

A huge thanks to the Fountaine Studio Tour and the New Milestone Foundation for hosting a lovely art opening at the Ashton resident lounge on August 19th.  Some of Austin’s best dressed were among the celebrities involved in the “fashion week” highlighted in Austin that night and were among the crowd opening night.  The facility was beautiful and the  food provided by Piranha Killer Sushi was the best I have eaten. 

Myself, Andrew Long, Court Lurie,  Rene Norman, Linda Dumont, Chris White and Susannah Blanton were the artists in attendance.  Our art was received from all with much applaud and great reviews. What a successful and enjoyable evening for everyone.

Group Show of Eclectic 2-D with Extra Dimension

Artists’ Reception Thursday, August 5th, 2010 at a beautifully decorated space tucked away in the trees at 4238 Bee Caves Road…

The Gallery at Fine Austin Living.

Five of my encaustic pieces are featured along with the work of Todd Van Duren, Nina Mihm, Dan Kaplan and Jennifer Chelstrom. Please join us from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.