Interesting Facts about Concrete

So it’s no secret I love concrete.  In fact several of my pieces are made with concrete…scored, texturized and spread across a wooden panel.  Some interesting facts about concrete are:

  • The original use of concrete has been traced back to ancient Egypt, used as an infill material for the pyramids.
  • Concrete is used twice as much in construction than all other building materials like reinforcement, timber, etc.
  • It is the most used material in the world in terms of volume.
  • The Roman-constructed Pantheon is still the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome.
  • Thomas Edison held 49 concrete patents and experimented with precast concrete houses filled with concrete furniture, pianos and refrigerators.
  • Huge concrete dishes known as ‘Concrete ears’ or ‘sound mirrors’ were erected during the World War II to detect approaching aircraft. Microphones were suspended at the focal points of these dishes, like today’s D2H dishes.
  • Now-a-days, construction companies are using scented form release agents to impart a pleasant smell in concrete, the most famous being bubble gum.


Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts

I am pleased to announce that I have been accepted for a residency at Brush Creek in Wyoming.  The month of January with all the pleasures and beauty of snow and pure nature…..should inspire interesting new work.

September 18/2015 – March 18/2016 at DZine in San Francisco

Please join me Friday, September 18th 6-9 p.m.
for this special show where
15 women artist will address the pattern of language.
I’ll have 8 newer pieces in the show and would love to see you there.

DZine Gallery Opening Reception
128 Utah Street, San Francisco 94103

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I continually walk the streets with camera in hand and ready to shoot…take a look at the images from the most unexpected places that inspire me.
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Taking a break and letting go

One of the pioneers of the struggle for women’s recognition in the art establishment, Georgia O’Keeffe (1887–1986) rose to become one of the most celebrated artists in the United States. Her work retained this importance throughout the rest of her 98-year life and beyond the grave. She died in 1986. However, it was an incident over half a century before this for which she will arguably be most remembered. In 1932, after falling far behind on a Radio City Music Hall mural, O’Keeffe suffered an intense nervous breakdown. It was only after a period of hospitalization and not painting for two years that she was able to rekindle her life’s love of creating art.

Taking a break is sometimes needed, can happen without warning and can end on it’s own terms; however, “letting go” are important words to remember…

Honorable Mention

Very happy to announce I received an Honorable Mention award this past weekend for my artwork in the show at the MarinMOCA.  Thanks to all who were involved in the selection committee and especially the juror, Michael Schwager, Gallery Director and Professor of Art History, Sonoma State University. 

MarinMOCA this weekend


“Fusion”, 24″ x 24″asphalt, wood, encaustic,

oil on plywood, 2014



This piece will be in the show  this weekend 

at the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art 

Reception is January 17th, 5-7 p.m.





Thanks to all who visited the studio this past weekend

Open studios was wildly successful this year.  In spite of the World Series just blocks away, people came, they bought and I received many referral sources….I appreciate the support from all of you who were there!!